Born in 1959 in Ekaterinburg (Northern Ural), Andrey Vinogradov has studied and been exposed to a variety of musical genres, from classical jazz to jazz-rock. He has now settled down in folky niche, where he creates his classic but unique blend of sounds.

He graduated with highest honors from the Moscow Gnessin Music College and completed his education at Gnessin Academy of Music. Later, as part of well-known Russian jazz-rock group The Arsenal, directed by saxophonist Alexei Kozlov, he recorded two LPs, The Second Wind and Pulse 3, which were later released on the CDs Time-scorched III and Time-scorched IV (1997-1998). Ever since his youth, Andrey’s goal has been to create innovative unions between the most diverse of musical genres by combining elements of classical, jazz and folk music.

In 1996 he composed a series of songs to the verses of Russian modernist poets Soloviov, Blok, Voloshin, and Akhmatova among others. The result was a CD Dryad’s Songs featuring the vocals of Galina Lipina and Ivan Smirnov’s guitar playing.

Since Andrey became interested in Russian traditional folklore, he has restored a lot of unique recordings of anonymous rustic musicians. The immersion into the depths of the Russian traditional music culture inspired him for an attempt to blend the authentic folklore samples into keyboard-driven electronic-based ambient textures in the Sokol project.

In the CD Iliya Murometz Andrey combined old Russian tunes into neo-traditional compositions, drawing new life from ancient tones. Here he appeared both as an arranger and performer of Russian traditional folk tunes, playing rylia (Russian hurdy-gurdy).

In 2003 Ethnomirages project was created. It is penetrated with various musical intonations: Arabian, Turkish, Tuvinian as well as Serbian, Celtic and Armenian threaded into modern ethno-techno tissue.

The project Daylight Breath – several preludes for piano & strings – was inspired by a Scandinavian journey in 2005. Its music is both fascinating and soothing.

In late 2000s Andrey abandoned his piano music for a project dedicated to Russian traditional kolesnaya lyra originally used by strolling beggars throughout Ukraine, Byelorussia and Russia. This project deals with traditional tunes, songs, and sacred chants from various regions of Russia, arranged and performed by Andrey (voice & hurdy-gurdy). His composition Uzh i ya li moloda, tonkopriaditsa byla has already attracted over 1 085 000 viewers on Youtube.

Since 2014 Andrey plays modern hurdy-gurdy, a unique Viola crafted by Wolfgang Weichselbaumer, Vienna. With this instrument Andrey presents a peculiar mix of ethnic tunes (Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian,Greek, Austrian, etc.), modern jazz improvisations and authentic Russian sacred chants.

Festivals: 23.08-25.08.2015 – international Ethnic Festival ”Krutushka” (Tatarstan, Kazan)

01.09.-06.09.2015 – international Folk Festival ”EuroFolk 2015” (Bulgaria, Kiten). Awarded the First Prize Gold “Orpheus”.

01.10.-05.10.2015 -International Festival Of Traditional Musical Instruments 2015 (Busevec, Croatia)

15.05.2016 – playing at ”Tales of St. Vladimir Park Fest” with the Ukrainian singer Nataliya Serbina

21.06.2016 — 25.06.2016 — international festival Usadba-Jazz Roza Khutor (Sochi, Russia))

02.07.2016 — ethnic festival Music Over River (Podolsk, Russia)

28.09.2016 – 01.10.2016 – Pilsen Busking Fest (Pilsen, Czech Republic)

29.06.2017 – 02.07.2017 – Uldum Gademusic Festival (Uldum, Denmark)

28.07.2017-30.07.2017 – The International Ethnic Festival KAMWA (Khokhlovka, Russia)

30.08.2017 – 02.09.2017 – Festival LIVE AT HEART (Órebro, Sweden)

19.07.2018 – 22.072018 – Ethnic Festival What Etno (Gorno Altaisk)

21.08.2018 – 26.08.2018 – Ferrara Baskers Festival (Italy)

04.07.2019 – WaFest (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

23.08.2019 – 25.08.2019 – international Ethnic Festival ”Krutushka” (Tatarstan, Kazan)